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Our story

An authentic campsite since the beginning and that's why we are loved!

But above all a family story!

If you want to know the history of LES SALINES campsite, it's here.

Let's go back to 1972 when my great-grandfather, Jean-Marie Burgaud, created a 6-hectare campsite called "La Turne", which means "a small room" in our region!

My great-grandfather had planned to leave some land to his son Gabriel Burgaud (my grandfather).

Do you follow me so far?

In 1973, the camping ground was coveted by the Renault Works Council, which rented it for a few years to be the holiday centre for the company's workers.

At that time Gabriel Burgaud was in charge of the caretaking and his wife Marie-Jeanne (my grandmother) was in charge of the kitchen for all these people in the campsite's current sanitary facilities!

And yes, the campsite was not yet what it is today!

Parquet floors and tarpaulins were put up on the site to make large reception rooms, dining rooms and dormitories.

The years passed and it was my grandfather and grandmother's turn to get involved in the whole adventure!

1980: La Turne campsite becomes Les Salines campsite!

Gabriel and Marie-Jeanne's 3 children are in charge of the seasons! Catherine at the reception, Alain at the maintenance and Philippe (my father) at the stewardship.
And there is work to do because the campsite is very popular for spending holidays by the sea!

Around 1982 the campsite was divided in two because my great-grandfather wanted to give a plot of land to each of his two children. My grandfather, Gabriel, will continue the adventure with the campsite Les Salines, and his sister will call her campsite "Les Ombrages"!

And yes, this current neighbouring campsite is indeed the same family and it is still the case today!

The Les Salines campsite continues!
In 1985, Gabriel died and my grandmother took over with the unfailing support of her 3 children! Everyone pitched in, even the spouses, as soon as they had the chance! When I tell you that it is a family story!

At that time we built the small sanitary block in addition to the existing one as well as a snack bar and it was my mum who was in charge of running the chip bar!

Karaoke, dancing, monoi, topless and Marlboro, imagine the atmosphere!
It's a lot of work, a lot of fun and it's a lot of hunting in the forest at night !

In 1989 I was born and I quickly discovered this beautiful world by spending my summer childhood between the snack bar terrace, the campsite (quite a playground), my grandmother's house and the beach! A dream life!

Cousins and my little sister arrived and things were moving in my grandmother's house!

1996, 10 years later and grandma gives up her apron!
My father left his job and took over the management of the campsite. My mother runs her snack bar and helps my father in the management of the campsite.

The caravans are still used but the mobile homes arrive at the campsite... Revolution!

My sister and I will do our seasons at the snack bar! Unforgettable memory!

[Special mention for the "hat and belt sellers" who offered us all kinds of gifts! We still have the "tam-tam"!!!]

The campsite evolves slowly, the swimming pool is built in 2004.
The seasons go by, but the campsite keeps its soul of Turne!

2008 my father dies. My mother takes over, supported by the whole Burgaud family.

And here we go again for many seasons where my mother will make many projects to continue this family story!

2018 my grandmother leaves us...

2019 my mother retires. And then !!! who will take over the management of the campsite ??? Everybody has a nice job and a nice life... But there's nothing to say when you've fallen into the pot... Well, you didn't fall in the pot !!!!!

For as long as I can remember, I always knew that I would succeed this long story, a bit like it was a given in my heart and you know what ... Since 2019 I took over with pride !!! The 4th generation! But I am not alone in this adventure, my uncle, Alain Burgaud decided to follow me.

When it's in your blood!

If you want the good local tips, he's the one to ask!

The seasons pass and the energy is there to prove to you that camping is still the best way to go on holiday by the sea.
Here you are not customers but campers and that makes all the difference!
I sincerely hope that the soul of La Turne will always be felt at Les Salines!

If you have read this far, THANK YOU for your interest in our beautiful family story and enjoy your holidays!